The images on this page are simply items that have been scanned out of my sketchbooks.


Some of them will beg to be explained in more detail, but I will probably ignore the urge because often times, I just start drawing something... without prior thought. Other times I have something special in mind and may delve into some serious thought. In which case you may see everything from dimensions to building schematics.


I've had ideas that have spanned several sketchbooks before. Never getting the impetus to go beyond the sketch book stage.


Sometimes I'll have something in the sketch book that I think will be a 'sure thing', but doesn't hold up well once it's moved into a final work of art.


There's no doubt, once I'm done and gone, the sketch books will probably be my best left work.

Can you believe I was told that it is illegal to have electrical extension cords in a school room in the State of Tennessee!

Can that be true?

The funny thing is there's only four outlets in the whole room!

Place must have been built right after the Civil War!

Is it possible to run a modern classroom without electricity?

Sailor Moon


Acrylic on paper

4' x 6'

A Variety of Batty-men


Acrylic on hardboard around

8" x 12" (varies)

© 1997-2020, Anthony Perkins


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© 1997-2020, Anthony Perkins


d/b/a/ -GRAFIXUSA-