Animated .gif

(wish somebody would come up with a graphic file format that would animate AND contain audio! No- not a video. Come on... broaden your horizons.)

Top Secret

Blaster construction blueprints


Original: Vector graphic manipulated in AfterEffects

B-1 Bomber

Motion Video edited in AfterEffects


Original Painting


Acrylics on hardboard 12" x 18"

Digitally animated with rollOver audio

Scientific Discovery Video Opener

Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Learning Sciences & Instructional Innovation

Created in AfterEffects.

Animated .gif

Created in PhotoShop


Training media opening.

Blowing Leaves

- Training Video Opener

Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Nuclear Security & Isotope Technology Division

Motion Video created in AfterEffects


Animated Embossed .gif on Simulated Leather

Animation created in PhotoShop


Animated Promo for




A cornucopia of images without the goat's horn.