Honda V65 Magna

Painted with a single-action airbrush Acrylics on cold-pressed illustration board 30"t x 40"w

See this painting animated: Burn Out

1959 Pontiac Bonneville

1950's Advertising art study

Painted with brushed acrylics on hardboard, background vector image created in Illustrator

Engine: Shaft-driven, 748cc DOHC 4-valve, liquid cooled V-4 linked to a 6-speed transmission.


Speedometer: Shows a 150 m.p.h. (240km/h) limit.


Redline: 10,000 r.p.m. with hydraulically activated wet-plate clutch. Compression is high, and the stroke is short.

Oxford-Lafayette Fields

Oxford, Mississippi

Aerial perspective. Markers + digital color

FedEx Express W-700 Delivery Van

Digital: Vector output

The Villages at Porter Farms


Illustrative sketch: Pencils, Markers & Ink with digital manipulation.

The Cessna


Acrylic on cold-pressed illustration board


Local favorite.

Right: Unfinished.

Below: Completed.

Acrylic. 30" x 40"

Looney Toons

Acrylic on paper

4' wide


Made this for a co-worker.

Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Binder cover

Simulated leather stamp




Movie Poster Remake

with Geoffrey Holder as villain Baron Samedi


Acrylic on hardboard

Memphis Comic Con 2018

Tempra on paper

6' x 6'

Original Movie poster


Recreation of a popular 1970s poster

The original was painted in oils by Enric Torres-Prat, over a pencil drawing by Jose Gonzalez and was printed and sold as a 6 foot tall poster. I've painted this in acrylics on paper and is 8 feet tall.

Mock-up using poster image above


Mock-up Foil Embossing


Finance & Accounting signage

Acrylic on hardboard

Trixie Belden book cover

My version of Julie Campbell Tatham's original 1948 book.

Acrylic on hardboard

12" x 18"

Psycho Movie poster


Acrylic on Engineering Paper.  36" x 60"

Ali Batman poster

Acrylic on Engineering Paper

36" x 48"

Random Hand-Painted Directional Signs

Acrylic on wood

various sizes

Population: 8,220     Salllllllllll-ute!

(Wow. Was only a little more than 2k when I left.)

(The 'restaurant' portion of this place caught fire and was destroyed... hence the simulated fire damage.)

Oops... used plywood for this one.

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